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What Every Women with Breast Cancer Must Know

Ronald Grisanti D.C., D.A.B.C.O., D.A.C.B.N., M.S.
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What are they thinking?

Can you believe that the American Cancer Society's CA Journal authored by Harvard professors wants to rename DCIS, ductal carcinoma in situ to DIN (ductal intraepithelial neoplasia).

They want to eliminate the word “cancer” so women won't be so frightened and suffer from emotional distress when they get there diagnosis. By changing the name they will have more power over a woman's treatment decision. This would strip away what her best options would be because personal research into DIN is limited.

Of course the experts want to let statistics based on their research dictate what the best options might be. Wouldn't be it be wiser if their plan included looking into why in the first place a woman has the beginning of breast cancer and what steps she would need to take to correct it so it does not become invasive and metastize? As it now stands there is no data at this point to suggest that a name change will have a positive impact on risk perceptions, anxiety/distress, or decision-making.

Beware of doctors who want to label your cancer the new term, DIN (ductal intraepithelial neoplasia), stripped of any “cancer” word.

What every concerned and intelligent woman should do to be certain she is doing everything possible to minimize her risk and improve her prognosis of DCIS

First and foremost she needs to find out in the first place why she was so susceptible to get DCIS. One of the best investment would be a test called the ION test ( ).

Next she would want to look at the Estronex test (, which shows whether or not she's making enough of the good protective estrogen to decrease her chances of further cancer and/or invasion.

What to do if you have too much of the cancer promoting estrogen?

1: Eat a diet high in brassica or cruciferous vegetables. These would include the following vegetables: broccoli, cabbage, collard greens, cauliflower, kale, arugula, mizuna, cilantro, radishes, turnips, rutabaga, etc. Other food options includes: cabbage salad, adding sauerkraut to dressings or meats, broccoli soup, arugula salad. Eat radishes and hummus as an appetizer. These would boost your intake of brassica or cruciferous vegetables.

2: Decrease your consumption of meat. As meat rips off the hormones detoxified by the gut glucuronide and allows them to be reabsorbed from the gut back into the circulation.

3: The next way to improve the estrogen ratio is by taking IndolPlex and Calcium D-Glucarate twice a day. IndolPlex duplicates some of the brassica chemistry while Calcium D-Glucarate stops the gut reversal of the detoxification process, glucuronidation.

What does glucuronidation mean?

Glucuronidation plays many roles in the body with binding estrogen being one of them. The healthy body employs many different detoxification pathways, in the liver and elsewhere, of which glucuronidation is one. Glucuronidation removes several toxic and potentially toxic chemicals from our system, such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, steroid hormones, some nitrosamines, heterocyclic amines, some fungal toxins, and aromatic amines.

This, glucuronidation represents a major means of converting most drugs, steroids, and many toxic and endogenous substances to metabolites that can then be excreted into the urine or bile. It makes sure that the major detoxification pathway for these estrogens performs optimally and is not inhibited by other bowel factors.

Another major function of glucuronidation

It is important to know that glucuronidation is not only extremely important in protecting against the bad estrogen but the following must be considered to decrease your risk of breast cancer.

1: Many environmental chemicals are EEDs or what is commonly referred to as environmental endocrine disruptors. This means they mimic the actions of the bad estrogens.

2: The number one most deadly pollutants attacking the human body are phthalates or plasticizers. Unfortunately they use up and massively drain the glucuronidation detoxification pathways.  This one factor has been discovered to be one of the major reasons why many hormone –dependent cancers from breast and prostrate to thyroid and pancreas are on the rise.

So whether you are a man of woman, these two supplements to improve detoxification of environmental hormone mimics as well as plasticizers would appear to be crucial for all of us.

And once you have a diagnosis of any pathologic abnormality in the breast, consider it a cancer warning that you had better look to find the cause and the cure. And clearly, the earlier the better.

Don't be suckered into the mere name change game cooked up by folks with an agenda different from yours, which is to find a cure.

It is obvious your body has created abnormal cells and chemistry for a reason and it would be wise to find a physician who is interested in digging deep to discover the underlying cause of your disease.


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Before prescribing treatment, FMU recommends that you follow the standard of care of your profession, as well as confirm the information contained herein with other sources.

Functional medicine embraces the totality of the regulatory functions of the body. It encompasses all of the biophysical, biochemical, enzymatic, endocrine, immunological, and bioenergetic regulatory capacities.

Ronald Grisanti D.C., D.A.B.C.O., M.S., D.A.C.B.N


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