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A Nutrient That Dissolves Arterial Plaque

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The nutritional product policosanol not only dramatically slows down the progression of arterial narrowing, but actually reverses plaque. And it is safer, cheaper, and has additional biochemical benefits that the statins do not.

Policosanol makes blood less likely to abnormally form clots by lowering fibrinogen (decreases platelet aggregation), something that statins do not do.

In one study, 10 mg twice a day of policosanol worked better than 100 mg of aspirin. In another study it lowered the cholesterol as well as the prescription statin drugs do.

Policosanol also surpassed the statin drugs in effectiveness by lowering the LDL; bad cholesterol) better than the statin drugs did, while in addition it raised the (good cholesterol) HDL 31%. The statin drugs don't touch HDL! Remember, having a high HDL is so protective that there are many people who have had serious heart problems who never had high cholesterol, but only had a low HDL.

Most importantly policosanol can actually dissolve away existing arterial plaque. In one study of policosanol given twice a day, not only did they stop getting worse and adding to their plaque, but there was regression of ischemia or melting away of plaque.


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Ronald Grisanti D.C., D.A.B.C.O., M.S., D.A.C.B.N



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