Functional Medicine University - The Leader in Online Training in Functional Diagnostic Medicine. Functional medicine takes the scientific method and up to date research and applies it to treating the cause of a patient problem and not treating just the symptoms. It focuses on identifying the underlying biochemical and physiological abnormality that has led to a named disease.Functional Medicine University - The Leader in Online Training in Functional Diagnostic Medicine
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Functional Medicine University Success Stories from Students

FMU students share how they discover greater success improving patient health, and new income potential in doing more for patients

FMU student success story from Yvone M. Villarreal, MDFMU has provided a breath of fresh air in my practice of allopathic medicine.

It has helped me review what was introduced in medical school but explore more details and provide the missing pieces of the puzzle. Functional Medicine puts the healing power back in the patients hands and helps them navigate their body to better balance and optimal health.

Yvonne M. Villarreal, MD
Stafford, Virginia


Dr. McKinney

I feel that my experience has empowered me to be a better clinician and greatly increased my confidence in taking care of my patients.

Melissa McKinney

Simplified, but thorough! I will say that you have created a first-rate program- VERY IMPRESSIVE SO FAR!

Scott Rosenthal, DC

I am so fortunate to have stumbled on finding FMU. Learning the foundations and the application of FM CARE has opened up a whole new perspective on patient care. I have since which adopted a whole foods plant based combo paleo diet and completely gluten free. As a chiropractor, I am inherently trained as a natural therapeutic practitioner and have the advantage of instituting a functionally based medical practice without altering my basic philosophical basis of healthcare beliefs. FMU has established a form of healthcare education that I believe will be a model of patient diagnoses and treatment of the immediate future and undoubtedly to supplant the allopathic model of symptom care. Every module has been coherently delivered and comprehensive in scope. Every day, as I study the material, I learn a new elemental aspect that evokes the power of functional medicine.

Richard A Warner

The FMU course has benefited me by providing the appropriate knowledge and resources in addressing the the complex health challenges that so many people are struggling with today. Most importantly, the FMU course provides a working framework/roadmap by asking the right questions, identifying the issues and getting to the root cause of my patients problems while offering valid solutions. I am no longer guessing or shooting in the dark and hoping I'll get it right. Thank You FMU for this wonderful experience

B. W. Reid, DC

Dr. Rogers

FMU has provided insight to a whole new perspective on chronic health issues. It is the answer I have been looking for as a provider. I'm pleased with the format, the depth of the materials and the flexibility to work and learn concurrently. A program I highly endorse for other nurse practitioners and health care providers seeking a knowledge to truly help their patients.

Jennifer Rogers ANP
Kokomo IN

Best Functional Medicine program available. Leading edge in education about all the newly available functional tests.

Why would someone want to learn Functional Diagnostic Medicine?

Not all musculoskeletal appearing problems are just musculoskeletal.  It gives practitioners more in depth ways to treat patients.

Dr Karen Carrick
Raleigh, NC

From what I have experienced it is the best! All the years of Med school and clinical practice in a bundle, all the research put together for you! I love it!!

Brooke Jensen


After four years of work on writing and publishing my book, "The Common Sense Guide to Healthy Living," I was looking for a program to enhance my diagnostic and treatment skills for the growing epidemic of chronic disease within our society. Functional Medicine University has allowed me to take on many of these conditions with greater certainty and efficiency. Functional medicine IS the future of healthcare and FMU is leading the way.

David C. Perrine D.C

Functional Medicine University has equipped me with an additional knowledge which in turn gave me more tools to explain to my patients why they have their problem and they are now more able to understand the reasoning behind it. This course is providing me with the tools to educate the public about true health and what they can do for themselves as well.

Dr. David D Budaj
248 626 0001

The information that I have learned with FMU has given me a renewed purpose and passion to practice. I feel obligated to go out and help as many people possible who have fallen through the cracks. I feel very confident to take on cases that I would have definately passed on due to the lack of knowledge. FMU's forensic approach to one's wellbeing is cutting edge.

Phillip J. Fierro D.C

My experience with Functional Medicine University has superseded my expectations. I now have the ability to help more people since I've learned how to address a great deal more than simply musculoskeletal complaints. I was amazed with the ease of learning with FMU's format; I could take the classes during lunch break, after work, during the weekends; it was scheduled on my time. With FMU's style of investigative diagnosing, patients end up treated as patients, not as a condition or lab value (which, they not only appreciate, but it's what works in the end). The overall advantage of FMU is found in the results. Patients travel far and wide when you have a reputation for results, which is now what I experience thanks to FMU! On behalf of not only myself but the hundreds of patients I've helped, and will continue to help, with the knowledge I've gained at FMU, THANK YOU!

Heather Carter, DC
Conshohocken, PA

FMU has already provided me with an abundance of confidence and extra knowledge that was simply unavailable to me in a classroom setting. I now have the confidence to diagnose and treat virtually any patient who will walk into my office. The combination of taking a thorough history and ordering the correct lab tests for any patient is the key to an accurate diagnosis and FMU has taught me not only the imporace of this idea, but has also trained me on how to do just that.

Michael Begley
New York

Dr. Herto

I have been through many educational programs in chiropractic over the past 20 years, averaging 128 hours of continuing education per year. If you really want to get sick people well, look no further for the informational resource. In my opinion FMU has put together the most comprehensive program available in functional diagnostic medicine. After speaking with both Dr's Grisanti and Sadano, I know they both possess a true passion for what they are teaching. Their staff has been exceptional in support as well. The program is very reasonably priced and you can take classes at 2 p.m. or 2 a.m. There are really no excuses for not being clinically competent and a provider of exceptional care anymore

Kingwood, West Virginia

FMU gives you the tools to transition into the next level of competency

Michael J. Hughes DC,DABCO

Since I have only just started: 1. Very organized excellent tools for the beginner to avoid many mistakes when opening a new business. 2. Good forms. 3. Great discounts from vendors/testing companies I will let you know more as I progress.

Debra Clarke, AP, MSOM

Functional Medicine University has been incredible. The online training format is a beautiful thing for busy doctors, with families and other commitments that don't want to spend their weekends in a hotel seminar. The content of this program is up-to-date and relevant. The doctors that put it together continue to work hard to improve it and bring new and innovative material and opportunities to their students. Functional Medicine University provides me exactly that. I wouldn't have been able to dive in like I have without it. Keep up the great work!

Dr. Nathan Conroy
Geneva, IL

Dr. AndreasFMU is an incredible mentoring program for both new practitioners and those who have been in practice for many years. Questionnaires, PE forms, hand outs, e-books, tracking forms, resource guides, name it are all included in the tuition costs. Ron is very knowledgeable and presents all material very clearly and passionately. I would recommend this program to anyone who is looking to sharpen their clinical skills and offer the best to their patients. Each and every case would benefit from a functional medicine approach.

Dr. Denel Andreas, N.D.
Dr. Denel's Naturopathic Healthcare Studio
6124 12th Ave. S.
Seattle, WA 98108

First and foremost it challenges me to step up and do a thorough analysis of each patient that walks through my door. I find that I get to the root causes of issues and provide exact and elegant care. I don't waste the patient's time with unnecessary treatment and they get better faster more permanently. Practice is fun and not a drudgery. Every new patient is different and a challenge. If you don't like that, this is not for you, but if you like to be intellectually stimulated and like to change peoples lives for the better, Functional medicine is the thing for you.

Gregory Symko
Concord MA

FMU offers a cutting edge program to learn the protocols and algorithims to solve medical mysteries of patients who may have otherwise been medicated to death. FMU breaks down into modules and videos, the key knowledge needed to become a Functional Medicine Practioner. I wish FMU was around 20 years ago!.

Dr. Mark Sielski
Edison, New Jersey
732 738-1800

FMU gas given me the knowledge & confidence to be able to treat any patient condition that walks into the office. I have seen numerous non-Chiro related patients lately. My patients trust me with their entire health concerns not just muscle skeletal injuries.

Fred Rodrigue DC
Central, La

The training has been invaluable. I'm half way through the modules and it has made such a difference in how I assess and manage my clients. I am 100% confident in dealing with more complicated cases.

London, UK


Being a student at FMU has allowed me to fine-tune my diagnostic and lab interpretation skills. I am able to work on the webinar lessons at my own pace and instantly incorporate what I have learned.

Dr.Alicia Miller, ND
Naperville, IL


I am a new student of FMU. Between the modules and Ron's emails the process of learning is streamlined, detailed and very understandable. Thank you for putting in so much time and work.

Michael Scott
San Jose, Ca

md.scott@ymail .com

FMU is getting me more info in guiding my patients to cleaning up their toxic bodies and helping me personally in living longer

Dr. Ray Knapp

I find that the common-sense approach that actually evaluates the whole patients history leads to healing. Dr. Grisanti ask questions and put symptoms together that I was never taught as a Nurse Practitioner.

Linda Milam

I am extremely pleased with the amount of information that has been provided thus far. It is very well organized and absolutely relevant to what my patients need and are looking for.

Dr. Sarah A. Smasal
Wauwatosa, WI


I have more clarity and a understanding of digestion, immune and Inflammation levels. Simple changes to clients protocols has produced positive results.The greater knowledge of function, the greater the ability to aim for a direction in determining dysfunction. It is reassuring to be a part of break through for a person in need.

Eve Fackler
Boise, Idaho


I am thoroughly satisfied with the Functional Medicine University online program. I have gained an enormous understanding in such a short time. It has allowed me to be refresh, refine my university training and go way beyond. I have networks with like-minded up to date colleagues as a result, and the information I was provided with is forever accessible. I highly recommend the program to anyone looking to use their full potential as a doctor.

Robert Morrison


The FMU program is more in depth than I thought it would be. It has given me the tools to help people who otherwise would never walk into my practice.

Matthew Palladino


Outstanding lecture quality and knowledge Great study guides . Great program.

Diego Rutenberg

I spent a good few months deliberating over whether to take this course or not.I am glad I took the step of enrolling. The course is very thorough and the passion of Dr. Grisanti shines through. If you need a diagnostic tool this is the course!!!

Rob Fordham

I have come to realize the glitches and missing links of the disease processes. Thank you Dr. Grisanti for all you are doing

Dr Ashok Kumar
Bellerose, NY

Being a student at FMU gives me more confidence in addressing chronic health problems from the source.

Miven Donato, DPT, DC
Medford, Oregon

what I have learned thus far is amazing. It makes me question why we did not learn this in school. This truly seems to be the most effective technique in truly treating patients and inspiring them to take control of their own health

Jennifer Weber

Thanks for a comprehensive, well put together course. Well worth the investment

Jan Jones

After two years of learning as much as I could on Functional Medicine this program connected all the dots for me and has provided a foundation in Functional Medicine that has given me the needed confidence and expertise to expand my practice as a Nurse Practitioner.

Karin Grumstrup

From day one I have been able to use inofromation I have gained to explain patient's conditions to them with natural ways of treating. When I looked at this program others said that it would seperate you from the other doctors in your area and they were right.

Jerald Yaden

Terri. Evans

Being a student of FMU has helped me understand the metabolic processes and how to find and treat the underlying causes of disease much better. What I've learned so far has help me greatly in explaining things to the patients, which has made them want to do testing and treatment metabolically even as "normal" chiropractic patients. This is a wealth of information, and I know I'll be referring back, re-reading and studying this material until it becomes second nature to me.

John Filippini
Manteca, CA

Dr. Vinicio

Since I began the FMU program I have been able to learn more about topics that have been presented at different functional Medicine seminars, but at a fraction of the cost. Also being enrolled in the program allows you access to this information 24/7 and for as long as you are in practice. Dr. Grisanti has made himself available to me each time I have had questions.

Dr. Vinicio Cornejo
Hesperia, CA

I have just started the program and it is far more than I ever expected. Dr. Grisanti and others have put a tremendous amount of work in this program. Having this tool has really helped me expand my practice and educate my clients on how to live healthier and happier lives. .

Kandi Tippit
Southaven, MS
901 -734- 2114

Dr. Mallon

FMU has provided an extensive amount of information that covers many different conditions. This information truly teaches you how to search for and discover the true cause of the patients condition, even those complicated cases! The online approach allows you to proceed at your own pace, definitely nice for those with busy schedules! I feel that my clinical skills have definitely improved as well as my diagnostic confidence.

Emily Mallon
Morgantown, WV

I found that within 3 weeks of doing the FMU training everything else clicked into focus like I was suddenly wearing the right kind of lenses. I started seeing my patients more quickly. I already did a lot of functional medical testing. However the results became more revealing and precise. My clinical acumen started becoming more fine-tuned as well. It was a truly worthwhile experience.

Dr Sundardas D. Annamalay
65 63236652

I am very satisfied with what I am learning. All the knowledge of the course is allowing me to understand my patients' illness and pathologies in a more integrative way. It is very rewarding to treat people based on the root of their problems instead of masking their symptoms. I feel very privileged to be a student at FMU.

Eva Flechoso
966 883 643

FMU training has made me a better clinician. My patients compliment us and tell everyone that we are "more than just a Chiropractor". It really feels good to hear this, and to see patients get great results from what we are doing. FMU's program is streamlined, and easy to digest and absorb. Dr. Grisanti is extremely professional and informed in his chosen teaching field..

Robert J Shapiro

FMU has provided information above and beyond my expectations and they are continually moving to improve upon what is already provided. Im extremely pleased with the money Ive spent and extremely happy I did. Ive hired consultants before and been extremely shortchanged, and as a result, very hesitant on considering any consultants since. I would go as far as to say I only purchased the FMU program for the information needed to practice this exciting, modern branch of medicine. What I got was so much more in the way of practice management incorporation and marketing. IT IS A FULL CONSULTING PROGRAM you will not regret.

EJ Buzzella
Tampa, FL

Dr. Dailey

I am thankful for FMU! It is giving direction to concerned healthcare practitioners who want to make real changes in the lives of their patients. Easy access to the information is the key to its success from my point of view.

Mark Dailey
Springville, Alabama
205 467-2500

FMU has helped me learn how to address more of my patients' complaints than just musculoskeletal. In doing so, FMU has opened my practice to a much wider potential patient base. That is huge when a small fraction of the population seek Chiropractic care at all. Not only am I able to help more patients, our business is doing well too.

Ryan Smith, DC

This was the best learning experience I have had since completing a 2-year Residency in Family Practice/Internal Disorders.  You guys did an excellent job in getting out info that we don't see in our institutions.  Thanks for all of your hard work.

Can you share a successful clinical outcome that you got from implementing what you learned in the FDM Training Program?

I must admit that I began learning functional medicine to find out what's been wrong with me for the past 35 years!!!  Needless to say, with the coursework 3/4 finished I was able to dig in and find out what went wrong and have not only lost 20+ pounds in just less than a month, but the mental fog has lifted (and I didn't even realize it was there) and I have more energy than I've had since I was a teen.  It may have taken me 40 years to know what to fix, but now that I'm doing it, it feels great.  My patients are lucky enough to not only see the difference in me, but now they get my expertise in helping them get truly healthy... As healthy as they can be.

Why would someone want to learn Functional Diagnostic Medicine?

get to the bottom of the cause of disease and treat or refer appropriately.

Sheldon Hoxie, D.C.
Merritt Island, FL, 32953

Dr. Grisanti is so genuine in his desire to truly help people. The skills and support I have received from FMU is wonderful. I don't feel as though I am 'just another number' in the lineup. I am made to feel as an important part of the 'team' of FMU practitioners.

Debra Grant

Dr. Godby

Every dollar I spent with the functional medicine university has at least been doubled in revenues from the confidence I felt while going through and completing the course. It was extremely well-organized. More than any course I have ever been to, Dr. Grisanti wants us to learn how to be better doctors AND make money. It is the best course for becoming better physicians and more making a living trying to help people.

The cost of this Functional Diagnostic Medicine Training program is virtually nothing in comparison to the benefit that my patients and I have received. Almost everything I need to know as an ND and functional medicine practitioner is all in this turn-key program.

At the risk of sounding corny, when I think of Dr Grisanti, I often think of the Scripture about receiving 100 fold value. As much as anybody I have ever worked with, Dr. Grisanti consistently goes the extra 1000 miles to help you learn, be a better doctor, and also make a living from helping people improve their health and lives.  Dr Grisanti also has the same philosophy.  I want to say a huge thank you to Drs. Grisanti for everything about this program -  especially for all your hard work and dedication to us.

Can you share a successful clinical outcome that you got from implementing what you learned in the FDM Training Program?

I already use FDM in my practice as an ND, but this FDM Training Program experience has put me over the top in having so many additional tools. Every patient - with no exceptions - has benefited from my FDM experience.

Denis Godby, N.M.D.
Diabetes Natural Path Center
1507 21st Street, Suite 101
Sacramento, CA 95814

I have gotten more information from you than I ever got in Chiropractic school. I think you have great things to offer people and the more they learn, like me, the more they want to do anything it takes to get their patients away from the MDs who just dope them more and more without getting at the cause!!!

Roy Ostenson, D.C.
Appleton Chiropractic
2425 West Wisconsin Ave.
Appleton, WI 54914

Dr. Jurgelewicz

This program is well worth every penny. This program has far exceeded my expectations and has given me the knowledge and confidence to treat very complex cases. Thanks.

Michael Jurgelewicz

I've been studying nutrition for 20 years and already get excellent results, but, again, having only finished less than 10% of the FMU program, I can see where my results will now go from excellent to golden.

J. Stephen Eggleston, DC

Dr. MeltzThis program by far has been the most influential educational experience in the past 25- years of practice, and second only to the Diplomat program in Chiropractic Orthopedics I completed through what is now SCUHS 20- years ago.

You bet, everyone has a certain area of focus within their own practice... and enjoy certain types of patients, and some conditions interest you more than others… who doesn't ?   But really, how often do you choose the number of chronic ACL injuries in ultra-marathon runners each week, or the number of acute RC injuries in elite cage fighters --just days before their next match?  Even in a busy practice those opportunities are sometimes far and few between… or at least not often enough.     

With FDM, I don't care what day it is… every patient has a secret issue or concern they've been dealing with for years, and if not them, someone they care dearly about.  When you can listen, effectively address and logically discuss their trouble and worry in terms they understand, then test and confirm with valid tried and true laboratory tests without any hocus-pocus, and then deliver the results they've been wishing so long for…. You've now become THEIR family's doctor.  Those people gladly stay for the recommended treatment, they pay for the services they receive, they enthusiastically refer others, and they return for regular periodic follow-up and new conditions… just as easily and as confidently as one would recommend a great restaurant, or a good movie.  As I remember what Dr. Barry Markson used to say, People go where people want to go… because people go where people go.

Can you share a successful clinical outcome that you got from implementing what you learned in the FDM Training Program?

I distinctly recall an attractive, and fit middle aged woman I'd been treating for a mild whiplash injury from a rear-end accident.  During one visit she said she'd been suffering from bouts of recurrent heart attacks replete with SOB and diaphoresis for some time, and had just been to the E.R. and released for the 3rd time in the same number of weeks.  Her greatest concern was the doctor(s) each time said there was nothing wrong, and sent her home with Xanax.      We talked a bit, and discovered her symptoms came on after eating late in the evening --shortly before bedtime, with symptoms of epigastric pain, heart burn, palpitations, and chest pressure more noticeable after bedtime.  Before running any tests, I asked her about her dietary habits, and suggested the first thing to do was raise the head of her bed just 6- inches, and refrain from solid foods and ETOH 3- hours before bed, but could have clear liquids instead, and to come back in a week for her routine follow-up.  During that time she continued her cervical and interscapular HEP given earlier.  When I saw her next, she'd only felt the need to use the Xanax twice, (once as a precaution) and had a single mild episode of esophageal reflux… which she attributed to a chili dog and a beer she had at a Kings game earlier in the week.  My presumption and WDx. was a hiatal hernia.  I sent a brief status report to each of the physicians she'd seen… and since then I've received a total of 6- referrals from those same local physicians.      Not necessarily what I specifically learned in the FDM program, but certainly right out of the pages of Module 1 using a FDM mindset and clinical approach to problem solving.     

Why would someone want to learn Functional Diagnostic Medicine?

Increase clinical competence, and provide a truly wholistic approach to patient care addressing THEIR concerns not being addressed by their PCP... and increase revenue at the same time.

Lewis Meltz, DC, DABCO
El Dorado Hills, CA

Dr. Caroline

I am grateful to have a program like FMU to learn from. The result of my inner guidance and experience has lead me to becoming a Functional Medicine specialist. I have been a Chiropractor since 2000 and have practiced for 14 years. I've always had a need to look for a deeper understanding of why people suffer.

Dr. Caroline Williams
Las Vegas, NV

Clear concise material, which helps improve clinical skills.

Maria Fihn
Las Vegas, Nevada

Dr. Grady

Before joining FMU I was a neuromusculoskeletal focused chiropractic physician (and I continue to be) and I did not focus on nutrition at all. It became evident to me that I was not treating the whole person and was missing out on great ways to help more of my patients. If a patient asked me a question about hypertension and how they might be able to correct it nutritionally, I had no idea and could not help them. These type of questions came up more than I thought they ever would. In chiropractic school I never liked nutrition classes and it had to be the way that it was presented (no real world application) because I love it now and I am very excited to get my diplomate in nutrition from the ACBN. I would not have this passion for addressing my patients health concerns (other than pain and orthopedic conditions) if it was not for FMU. I am very excited to be on this journey and seeing how far we can go..

Sean Grady, D.C.
Owings Mills, MD

Dr. Young

FMU is where you can learn a holistic and rational approach to health. FMU seeks to establish objective measures of a person's health status, and establish a sound physiological foundation for providing measures to restore health.

Joseph Young, DC

The FMU has enriched my practice and given me the opportunity to revise systems in the body and how they connect with each other to create poor health. I have enjoyed receiving the tests back and my clients have embraced the results enthusiastically.

Caroline Hockley
United Kingdom

I did not know much about functional medicine or the path it would take me down until I started this course. It was recommended by a colleague who has also developed a functional medicine practice. It sounded so appealing to hear the results he was getting, the satisfaction of the patients, and the freeing from the binds of the insurance companies/medical model that I had to look into it. The info I have thus learned is impressive.

Joshua Rosinski

What I have learned so far has not only impacted my practice but myself and my family. Instead of just throwing vitamins or herbs at a specific problem or performing certain testing that has no inter-examiner reliability, we are learning how to properly diagnose the problem through a thorough history, exam, and lab tests. The material so far has already given me incredible certainty with regards to treating so many problems that I always thought I had to refer out. This program has already made me 10x the doctor I was when I began.

Dr. Robert Jeffries

Dr. Taylor

I am only 1/2 way through the FMU course training and at times I was over whelmed but I was able to revisit any of the training modules and pick up where I left off. That is huge to me. I have implemented that knowledge into my practice already and have had a few of my patients bring in their Blood test to get a functional viewpoint and it has definitely made me a more confident provider. This course will challenge any one and provide them with a resource library to find answers that the patients can't get from their busy MD..

Dr. Thomas Taylor
907 631 3673


I think the most impressive aspect of the program is all the ancillary lectures and workshops available outside of the core curriculum from other top notch Functional Medicine providers around the globe. The partnerships that Dr. Grisanti has developed with other great minds in the field provides even more value than expected and anticipated when I enrolled into the program.

Dr. Kurt Perkins DC CCWP

Dr. Gaertner-Ewing

FMU has given me the skills to take those tough cases to another level. FMU has provided me with resources I did not have prior to enrolling and this has been invaluable to my practice. Thank you

Shannon Gaertner-Ewing DC

After a few lessons, I realized that we can help so many people get well and achieve well-being through chiropractic in conjunction with functional medicine. I believe that the FMU gave me so much more than I paid for. Thank you FMU and Dr. Grisanti.

Sang Kim

Dr. Muerset

I feel so honored to be part of FMU family. I enjoy each single study session, learning so much more every time. Even if some are not new it's taking my wisdom and applicable knowledge to another level which I've never dreamed.

Alexandra E. Muerset-Schulthess

FMU has developed a program which tries to show interrelatedness of the disease process on multiple organs and to expose the clinician to more advanced testing that can be used to not only diagnose but also develop a comprehensive treatment plan.

Kathleen Padgitt, MD, FACP

Dr. Thompson

I have found so much useful information to help my patients. Those difficult cases have found an open window where the door seemed to slam in their face. This course puts the "Fun" in Functional Medicine.

Donald Thompson D.C.

Dr. Romanelli

Learning and understanding the information in this program your thought process on approaching a patient with their concerns takes a giant leap in aiding the patient directly in front of you. Isn't that what all doctors want and why we became a doctor.

Robert Romanelli, DC
New York

Dr. Velasco

Functional Medicine study is truly efficient. You feel a positive energy on the part of teachers we learn to understand the basics of this type of medicine . A changed my way of looking at clinical cases and have had many rewarding experiences with the success I 've had with my patients. My medical practice has increased in recent months and has brought me substantial economic improvements.

Noris Velasco
República de Panamá

I'm a dentistry last year student, and FM is a game changing in this field. In this century physicians with no functional/integrative medicine background are useless in nowadays diseases and really missing a lot.

Sherif Ghoweba

Dr. Edling

Excellent course, I'm still in the process but it keeps me up date and on my toes for the latest and greatest way to handle patients with chronic health conditions that I haven't been able to previously help.

Dr. Steve Edling

FMU is a comprehensive program and teaches you how to become that detective who can figure out the tough cases that no one else can. It offers patients real hope beyond just disease management and gives them the chance to pursue real cures and healing. This is the future of healthcare and I am excited to be a part of it.

Kyle Pankonin D.C. F.A.C.O.

Can you share a successful clinical outcome that you got from implementing what you learned in the FDM Training Program?

One of my first patients I've worked up was a 53 year old female with Fibromyalgia type symptoms. She had little to no success with traditional medicine. After evaluating and doing an FDM work up her underlying cause was very apparent. She had GI inflammation with a very low SIgA. In addition, her lipid panel was off the chart with a severe elevated c-reactive protein. It has now been 4 weeks since addressing her issues from an FDM stand point and she has lost 15 pounds, her pain level is down 50% and her GI complaints have drastically improved. She is very motivated to continue as I dig deeper into solving all her issues. I have given her hope something that her medical doctors failed to do.

James Padilla , D.C.
San Diego Spine & Wellness Center
12070 Carmel Mtn. Rd. Ste. 290,
San Diego, CA 92128

Dr. graun

I have taken the DABCI course which does not compare to the FMU course. The FMU course allows you to determine the exact nature of the patients' problem, they show you how to construct a map to arrive at a destination for improved health. I have more confidence dealing with various patient symptoms rather than use nutrition alone guessing with various vitamins.

Why would someone want to learn Functional Diagnostic Medicine?

FDM as you guys teach it, gives a reactionary the ability to know how to treat a wide variety of conditions and to understand who those conditions began, what is happening and how best to work with the body to correct it.  This is not a cook-book vitamin course.  It give one confidence in what one is doing. It gives you know-how.

Alvin Graun, D.C.
6428 South Cass Ave
Westmont, IL 60559

Dr. Pisciotti

After practicing functional medicine for several years, being educated through other functional medicine programs, I decided to take the FMU program. It has undoubtedly been the best decision I have made. The program has expanded my knowledge base, filled in the gaps, and most importantly, given me a more comprehensive awareness and increased the practical application of functional medicine in my office. Patients are loving it, I highly recommend the program.

Dr L Scott Pisciotti
White Plains, NY

Comprehensive only begins to describe the FDM course. Not only is there encyclopedic knowledge taught in this course, it's conveyed in chunks that are readily assimilated and ready for practical application.

I've been in practice for 25 years and have taken hundreds of hours of post-grad seminars/courses. I'd have to say that this program  has been the most worthwhile from a perspective of knowledge gained, in both diagnosis and treatment, increased confidence to handle the challenging cases and cost. As a result, more patients are looking to me as their first line health care provider and are much more compliant with my recommendations. Now, nobody balks when I suggest lab work and blood panels. Ron has helped empower me to be a better doctor and when all is said and done, that's what it's all about, isn't it?

Can you share a successful clinical outcome that you got from implementing what you learned in the FDM Training Program?

One case stands out in my memory... A fibromyalgia patient, suffering for 13 years and unable to conceive was referred to me by her mother. A little gun-shy at first, (she had been treated by two other chiros) she was willing to give it a try to placate her mother.   After a thorough evaluation and work up with lab testing, she was put on a health recovery program that included a 30 day detoxxing. After 3 months, she was 60% improved. After 6 months, she was 90% improved.  8 months after beginning care, she's pregnant!

Why would someone want to learn Functional Diagnostic Medicine?

For anyone wanting to expand their knowledge base so that he/she could better serve their community with natural healthcare and also increase their income...this is the program.

James C. Cameron, D.C.
Clinton, New Jersey
908 735-2090

My practice has become more diverse and I have been able to work with patients with a variety of complaints, many of which I have found to be lost as far as other health care providers having answers. My patients have been the biggest winners but I have found a new passion for evaluating and treating patients.

Dr. Wayne H. Carr
South Dakota,

I now have a better understanding as to why my patients are ill. It has also helped me understand why my chiropractic patients despite my skills do not hold their adjustments long enough. It all comes down to the biochemistry. Thank you guys for doing such a wonderful job.

Kyle Fogel

Dr. Miner

FMU has given me the tools to work up virtually any patient to find out what is the primary cause of their problem.   I now have the questionnaires and take home tests to get the info I need to know what tests to order from the various functional labs.  And now I have the knowledge base to do an in-depth evaluation of the lab tests I order to develop effective protocols for my patients.   

Can you share a successful clinical outcome that you got from implementing what you learned in the FDM Training Program?

I ran into a 30 year old patient at a local mexican restaurant the other day.  She was with 2 of her co-workers having lunch.  SHe saw me and introduced me (in a loud voice), This is Dr Miner.  The doctor who saved my life!  (Pretty good advertising!)  She was told by her MD that she had fibromyalgia and was depressed.  2 anti-depressants did her no good.  She wanted to sleep all day.  We did a workup on her, changed her diet, supported her adrenals and did a 4R program with her.    As I left the restaurant, she gave me a big long hug and said, thanks for giving me back my ability to be a wife and mother and giving me my mind and life back.    I have been studying Functional Medicine for 10 years.  It was what I learned from the Functional Medicine University that made the difference in her case.

Why would someone want to learn Functional Diagnostic Medicine?

To help patients get optimal health without referring everything out.

Dave Miner, D.C.
P.O. Box 815
Lower Lake, CA 95457

I have been studying the functional medicine univervity program for a few months and it has changed the way I approach my patients care. I now feel that I can help them with their chronic conditions and get to the source of the problem. In the past I would recommend some supplements, but in truth they were just a substitute for medication. i now feel equipped to order the appropriate test and root out the problem. I look forward to completing the courses and continuing. i have a new outlook on practice.

John Warren,
DC Fountain Valley, California

Most Functional Medicine education courses are linked to a supplement company. I love that FMU is completely independent. Also, the breadth of information including, functional blood chemistry analysis, in-office tests, take home tests, physical assessment and functional lab work make your program the most comprehensive I have found.

Thank you!

Tim Walsh, D.C.
2489 Amherst Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90064

Before taking the FMU program I had very little confidence in myself as a healthcare practitioner. For 10 years of my practice I was posed with questions from patients suffering from chronic systemic conditions that I could not help because it did not fit my structural model. After taking the program I am now more confident in my practice and I have taken on a pool of patients that have been lost in the symptom based drug model with great results. The most profound aspect of my practice is the enormous amount of education my patients are given in each visit which enables them to be complaint and very generous with their referrals.

Milton F. Bastidas,
D.C. Texas
713- 981-8018

Dr. Maas

This course is fantastic ! I recommend this course highly. It is one of the best I have ever taken. Clear, concise and easy to follow, this course will change the lives of all physicians and patients.

Can you share a successful clinical outcome that you got from implementing what you learned in the FDM Training Program?

Leaky gut syndrome is implicated in most patients due to the heavy prescriptions given in the past and this course has shown me and my patients the evidence for it and how to  treat it successfully. Health starts with a healthy digestive tract.

Why would someone want to learn Functional Diagnostic Medicine?

Better patient responses and a sense of confidence in approaching difficult cases

Laurens Maas
Bridgetown, Barbados

This course provides a rational framework and the support material needed to really address a patient's complete health needs.  The course also provides coaching on the reality of making a living while helping others regain their health.  This is a true win-win for both doctor and patient.

Can you share a successful clinical outcome that you got from implementing what you learned in the FDM Training Program?

I have several patients with advanced cases of psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis.  Using the FDM approach helped me to focus in on their core health issues...

Why would someone want to learn Functional Diagnostic Medicine?

It really helps to untangle complex, difficult cases.  Some people's health is really a mess and this is a rational way to approach train wreck cases.

Beverly Yates, ND
Mill Valley, CA; USA

An Eye-opener and new paradigm to treat patients

Aziz Alfeeli

Dr. Pyzik

Dr. Grisanti has a wonderful program that educates you to correctly address these symptoms that plaque the vast majority of our patients that keep them from enjoying long term health. Do not miss this opportunity to do more for your patients! Sign up for their program today! If you are a Chiropractic Physician and profess a holistic approach, this program is for you (and your patients).

Why would someone want to learn Functional Diagnostic Medicine?
Chiropractic is the most unique modality for health care available. Whether you are "straight", full spine, use "silly guns" or not, we all remove neurological interference from our patients.

We can do more!

Helping the "walking wounded" who are currently being drugged for "diseases" that are only symptoms is not the answer. Their bodies continue to scream for help with drug interactions and new side effect symptoms that get treated with another drug. We see that the medical/drug approach is rarely the answer!

Lawrence Pyzik, D.C.
52 W Colfax Street
Palatine, IL 60067-5048
847 705-1177

In my opinion FMU is the most informative and intensive approach to health and well being that we can learn for our patients health recovery in a world of sick and dying America and world.

Dr. Larry Anderson

My experience with FMU has been eye opening. In past years I dabbled in nutrition. But to be able to do it with purpose, as FMU teaches, is very satisfying to me and the patient. Being a complete FMU practioner takes time. I am in the process of learning and applying the skills necessary to do it right. I will stick with FMU as my learning and resource center because they are honest and diligent in their endeavor to create the best functional medicine practitioner.

Mark Castiglione
New York

Rick Dunlap

My experience with FMU has allowed me to gain a deeper understanding and knowledge into searching for the cause of disease and dysfunction and not just treat and chase symptoms. It has given me a valuable resource to assist me with searching for answers to the complex challenges faced by my patients. And on a humbling note it has reaffirmed to me that there is a lot of information out there and that I must constantly work and study to improve my knowledge and skills to be able to best serve my patients. FMU has provided me with an invaluable resource that has significantly reduced the learning curve and provided me with a central location to seek answers and knowledge. Thank you to the FMU team for putting together such a comprehensive and complete program.

Dr. Rick Dunlap

I am thrilled to be studying in the FMU - it's training that I believe every physician and nurse should have!

Chiang Mai, Thailand

I am thrilled to be studying in the FMU - it's training that I believe every physician and nurse should have!

Chiang Mai, Thailand

The 3 months study at FMU is strengthening my knowledge base, my professional competence and confidence and sharpening my dream for expanding the beneficiaries of my service . The tips on transforming the clinic have been very useful and easy to implement. FMU is the next best thing, after my decision to change career from preaching the gastronomy and industrial value of foods to wellness and health value.

Rhoda Komolafe
Lagos, Nigeria
234 1-803-302-6094

I signed up to take FMU to help fill in the holes in my foundation of functional medicine. I have taken at least 150 hours of continuing in functional medicine. I felt this program would allow me to expand on that information in my own time which is great. I would also like to sit for the Diplomate in Clinical nutrition and this program allows me a way to get the information and hours I need to succeed at that.

Julie Brown
Los Alamitos,CA

Dr. Werenski

FMU has opened many doors to my practice that weren't open before. My ability and confidence as a doctor continues to rise. I am now able to take on the tough patient cases with open arms, rather than referring them out to their primary care physician. FMU is worth the money. Learned more from this course halfway through than I learned in any nutritional class while in school.

John Werenski
Troy, MO

FMU is extremely thorough in their approach to teaching. They take you step by step through the process of incorporating functional medicine into your practice. There are definitely aspects to this training that I didn't receive in school and I am grateful for this new knowledge that will benefit my patients tremendously.

Candice Esposito,
ND Ontario, Canada
705 575-7560

I have been in practice for 25 years and love the chiropractic model of treating the cause of disease. Most nutritional approaches are based on symptoms and I always felt like I never could address the underlying problems based on that. Now with FMU I have the resources to find and change peoples health for the better with science and an understanding of the physiology that has become diseased. I can now approach disease processes not only from a neuro-physiological standpoint but also from a chemical-physiological standpoint which provides the body with the tools it needs to heal itself.

Jeffrey S. Driskell, D.C.
Kansas City, Missouri

This is the wave of the future. This is exactly how I want to treat my patients in this piece of the puzzle that I've been missing for over a decade. Thank you so much do FMU.


Dr. MorishigeFMU has greatly increased my understanding of disease and diagnosis by bridging my eastern and western studies as a practitioner. Implementing this knowledge and these diagnostic skills have been beneficial for many patients and I have yet to begin my actual case studies as a FM Practitioner. This training is revealing much more with every patient, offering them and myself a clearer perspective and clearer goal to reach with their health. Having the tools to educate and inform people on the inner workings and root causes of their disease is empowering and gives health practitioners and patients the authority to take their lives back without causing any harm.

Gina Morishige
New Mexico

Dr. Alcazar

Being a student at FMU has opened my eyes to the world of functional Diagnostic testing. Without knowing or understanding blood labs you will surely be guessing on why someone is sick. FMU has taught me and continues to teach me all the latest and greatest Diagnostic testing, supplement recommendations for ailments, detoxification protocols, expert advice from top professionals, world class content and materials. Their customer service is excellent and they have answered every question I have ever asked.

Steve Alcazar

FMU gave me an insight into problems and conditions that I would not have tackled in my practice. The testing and examination procedures are cutting edge and has helped people I couldn't or wouldn't have helped before FMU. I think functional medicine is needed in our country to take all healthcare to the next level. I know it has for my attitude and practice.

Edward Yanulavich

I am a podiatrist and have been practicing for 22 years. My experience in practice lead me to the realization that patients were not getting better with many chronic problems. I noticed that they went through this predictable referral course seeing many different specialists. Each consultant could not pinpoint a cause, however, they would place the patient on a new medication. As my patient was placed on more medication they continued to get worse. I knew that there had to be a better way. I started the FMU course and have incorporated aspects into my practice. This has helped me lead my patients to wellness and has revitalized my passion for medicine. Functional medicine is the future of all medicine and I feel like I'm on the cutting edge and really providing a great service to my patients and really making a difference in the world. Thank you FMU!

Marc Katz

FMU has given me more confidence in helping people with those tough cases. The information makes it possible to use critical thinking and not just cook book. Thanks, FMU

Dr. Shawn Reiter

The decision to become a student at FMU has already proven to be one of the best decisions I have made in practice. Just two modules in, I have gained more knowledge than I ever imagined! I know FMU is helping sharpen my skills... I have gained more confidence and clarity and now know that I can help patients who are seeking natural health solutions and those who have been through the traditional medical system with little to no results (or answers). I am absolutely passionate about the Power of Chiropractic, however, for me there was something missing. Now I am confident enough to address the true cause and effect of physical, chemical and emotional stress, for those in my community and beyond. I am excited to provide this added service to my current practice members and to those who are just discovering (and are soon to discover) the functional medicine approach to their health and well-being!

Wendy Edwards, D.C.
New Smyrna Beach, FL

I am just beginning my jouney into the functional medicine university but already it is providing me the knowledge on how to approach difficult and often overwhelming cases in a systemic way. As I am learning how things function it gives me significantly more confidence on how to approach my patient's cases.

Kim Jacobs

Dr. ShoemakerThe FMU course has expanded my knowlege base with readily accessable information that is web based and available 24/7. You can learn at your own pace, not leave home and gain valuable CE. In addition, the online community support is full of very knowlege professionals that will help answer any questions.

George Shoemaker Bethlehem,
Pennsylvania 610-865-6111

FMU provided a refresher course for me when considering a number of the biochemistry pathways and endocrine system. The bonus was that FMU integrated a number of the pathways providing an in depth understanding of the cause and effect of a number of conditions and how it is possible to identify these underlying imbalances via unique diagnostic testing.

Deborah Berg
905 889 3640

Functional medicine allows you to take your time for practicing doctor's. They keep up with advance research and testimonies with outcomes!!

Brian Alexander

I am so proud of FMU. I feel more confidents in myself and my practice. Also, some of my clients already see the result of this training..

Gel Clerjuste

It is amazing program for Alternative Healthcare providers, it fills the gap between the physiology and disease diagnosis pattern.

+91 9841220937

I believe that Functional Medicine is the future of medicine, and that FMU helps to prepare for the future now.

Robert (Tre) Laughlin

Studying with FMU has helped consolidate and contextualize much of my education especially in terms of differential diagnosis, finding root cause and laboratory diagnosis.

Kirsten Smith
(416) 712-7487

I am halfway through the course and have learned lots of relevant clinical information for a wide variety of health problems that modern patients present to my office with on a daily basis. I am much more informed and comfortable with many of the functional diagnostic lab tests and appreciate that I can validate and explain nutrtitional protocols to patients with more confidence and clarity. I also appreciate being able to take in the course materials at my own pace, especially without having to travel away from a busy office schedule. The lectures are very clear and clinically relevant.

Mark Ensweiler,DC, LAc

Dear FMU, Since learning functional medicine, my value as a doctor has gone up exponentially. I no longer feel my patients are at the mercy of the out of touch medical model. My confidence has improved greatly along with my income. Thank you so much.

Mark E Bryngelson

This course has not only taught me an immense amount about physiology, pathology, and clinical diagnosis, but has also made me excited to practice each and every day. I am now overly confident in speaking intelligently with any medical provider in my county regarding virtually any health condition they may typically treat. It has become fun to treat patients because I know if I educate them properly, it will be very difficult for him/her to decline care, which ultimately means they will be making a conscious choice to improve their lives under my watch.

Richard A Warner

Dr. Baron

I have found FMU very informational and supportive. FMU gives me top notch and current information and access to information that is known to some of the best out there. Citations, references and abstracts of journal articles of the information is given with the study material for both further research or for support of a clinical position. It keeps me able to converse with MDs and in many instances, puts me ahead of the knowledge base of MDs. I am finding i can better describe disease processes and physiological paradigms to patients in a clinical presentation that is understandable and clear. With the coming changes in clinical care/medicine, this course will enable me to provide superior care and enable me to offer services not commonly offered by a chiropractor. Best of all i am able to offer new answers and opportunities of care to patients when the biomechanical model falters or is incomplete and still be without the use of drugs and surgery. With the go at your own pace, the pressure is removed to learn in a 12 hour time frame. I also know that if and when i run into a roadblock, i have (a) ready resource(s) to either guide me through or assist with other options.

F. Steven Baron
Catonsville, Maryland

Dr. Draper

I am very impressed with the detailed information provided in the course material handouts and videos and also the email support provided by FMU.

Willie Healy

Dr. Espadrezani

I already feel (and know!) I'm a much better Health Practitioner because of their excellent program. So, thank you very much FMU. You guys are the BEST!

Leonardo V. Espadrezani
55 11 99989-0288

"I highly recommend FMU to anyone interested in taking their clinical skills to another level. The training builds on the education in my doctorate program and provides a practical application to everyday practice. This is how I always envisioned my practice to be. Thank you FMU!

Brad Kobsar

I have found the content to be excellent. As a non doctorate practitioner it is priceless to be able to learn what is essentially functional physiology in such a convenient format.

David Fleming

Dr. Winnicki

This is the most comprehensive, robust, and powerful online professional health training program I have ever seen. The topics are broad and give a wealth of information. The knowledge gained in each module is worth its weight in gold. It is a very affordable functional medicine training program when compared to other similar programs out there. It is delivered entirely online, which is a big plus for me, as I live in Poland. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to stay at the forefront of medical science. A science, which has the tools to dig deep into the real causes of dis-ease, and holds the keys to help solve the most complex and troublesome cases, to bring about a true and lasting cure.

Andrew Winnicki
Olsztyn, Poland

So far, it has been a really good experience. The site is very well organized and structured in a way that is easy to follow. Pretty impressive work I have to say.

Diego Caban
Marietta, GA

It has the potential to enrich my medical practice with a better overall outcome.

Shirley Zelikovsky
Stuart, Florida

I am very pleased with how much I have learned so far. The data is unbelievably valuable in being able to truly determine what is wrong with the patient. The greatest thing about the way the data is presented is that it MAKES SENSE. When you really understand the science behind what is being presented and take the time to learn it, you can really see that there are solutions available to patients that mainstream allopathic medicine is missing. We all know the reasons that these problems are not being addressed by allopathic treatments and it is truly rewarding to be able to see past that AND give real answers that work. FMU has been great for other reasons as well. I can learn the data on my own time. I don't have to travel the country going to seminars and take time away from my practice to get this education. I can get a great education from my desk at my office or at home and that leaves me the time to manage my practice, have family time on weekends and do other things that traveling to seminars or taking classes somewhere would interrupt. I am very glad to have found FMU. I am not sure how I would manage learning what I wanted to learn otherwise.

David Morris, D.C.
Murfreesboro, TN

What I have learned so far has helped improved the outcomes of my clients and uncover areas missed by their medical provider. The FMU training is helping to improve my clinical skills tremendously.

Michael Robinson
Lisle, IL

Haven gone through just the first three modules I have felt more comfortable assessing, diagnosing, and treating my patients with functional medicine. I now take people out of more than musculoskeletal pain - I change well being and let them see that their problem will never be solved by more drugs rather lifestyle changes along with specific nutritional needs.

Dr. Kellen Brusveen
Allendale MI

Dr. Menegaz

The FMU Training Program offers a great, at your own pace, comprehensive learning opportunity to put functional medicine into practice.

Virginia Darrow-Menegaz, MS, RD, LN

Dr. Carla

FMU has provided me with some excellent tools to add to my practice. It has provided me with the knowledge of physiology that was missing in other trainings I have completed. The information provided by FMU is of the utmost scientific integrity, and FMU is exceptionally active and progressive in that they are continuously providing colleagues and their students with more information, studies, and opportunities to expand their services to the patients and clients who seek their help. FMU is a progressive institution providing quality education that can immediately be put into practice.

Carla Atherton
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

FMU has made me think logically with certain unsolved clinical problem.

Dr Ramani Sriram

I'm really impressed with the information presented. The quality of the information you are giving me makes me everyday more confident to talk and ask MDs about specific tests and so. It is an incredible user-friendly and time-effective way of learning cutting edge information. I'm very pleased with the whole process.

Enrico Pandiani

FMU gives you a systemic approach at treating the patients. This is what the new health care act\law should focus on. This allows the doctor to treat the patients in a way that should have been done long before the patient comes to you.

Dr Mike Vennell

Dr. Bristerr

Being a student at FMU has opened my eyes to many underlying problems that go undiagnosed by many allopathic doctors, which has helped me to get to the root of my clients problems and has provided me the steps to get them back on the right track to health and wellness. FMU shows you how to research and investigate through client questionnaires, comprehensive tests and other unique tools to find the source of your clients symptoms and complaints, thus leading to a truer ability to correct the problem(s) at hand.

Mary E Poole-Brister
South Carolina

I have been able to help more and more children that have various symptoms that have stumped parent and doctors. To see the positive changes in the children and in the gratitude in the parents has made going to work everyday worthwhile!

Ariana Minatelli
Castle Rock, Co

Dr. Draper

Wealth of knowledge in what I've done so far. This will allow me to help more people with chronic conditions.

Joe Draper, D.C.
North Carolina

Dr. McKechnie

I have enjoyed my experience with FMU. I was currently enrolled in the Nutrition Diplomate on-line course from another institution and I met someone at a conference who was enrolled at FMU. I checked it out and found it to be more clinically current and relevant and signed up for the 200 hrs. I appreciate the development of the website; the resources available are numerous, current and helpful. I have been able to use everything I'm learning immediately in my practice.

Julie McKechnie DC

What I can potentially learn from the tests at FMU will greatly help me in my own health situation, and escape the medical bin or even death itself to a better life, there is no 'alternative' medicine out there...


Dr. Kalie

My undergraduate degree is in microbiology with a minor in biochemistry. I never thought that I would utilize my knowledge in those areas. However, learning functional medicine has brought together my science background combining it with things that I do in my chiropractic practice. I now understand that I cannot simply provide a supplement for symptoms, as I was doing before. I know that there are many causes for a symptom, and to be a good doctor, I must do the necessary testing to get to the bottom of the cause. I have learned so much, and I am not yet half way through the program. Once I finish, I will be able to help patients with their health problems that no one else can help.

Lori Kalie

Dr. Kalie

I have been in practice for many years, and attempted several times to add nutrition to my practice. With so many different, but valuable supplements available, I was never able to decide which ones were the best for my patient's condition, let alone convince them to purchase them. Now though, having found Functional Medicine I have the tools to determine the root cause of the health issue, to determine the most efficacious supplements or medicines, and the hard evidence to present to the patient. I chose the Functional Medicine University because of a combination of, on line study ability, cost, course curriculum, certificate of completion, and credits earned. I have been in the course for 2 months now. I am very pleased. Their emphasis seems, to me, to be geared towards graduating competent Functional Medicine Doctors, not directed towards their bank account.

Roger Muller DC

I am enjoy the online learning and have learned a lot about autoimmune disease and treatment that i can make suggestions to my patients. Conditions that were frustrating to me are now a fun challenge. I feel I can help more of my patients beyond their musculoskeletal complaints.

Connie Grantham, D.C

Thus far the program is very good. It is advanced in training and is very cost effective. No more wasting weekends and spending large amounts of money for "board certification" courses. The physicians put on a very informative program and it is good for any physician to embrace the principals offered in this course work. I must admit I am very impressed with all the additional information which is offered to the students at no additional cost. I believe the marketing program is worth the total cost in itself. I will continue to support this fine organization due to all their hard work and support for their students.

Michael Badanek DC, BS, CNS, DACBN, DCBCN, NMD, MD, MD(h), MD(MA), DM(P)

Being a student of FMU and coming from a nutritional and kinesiology background, this study program has put the "ribbon on the package". My clients have a more optimum outcome with the combination of skills. FMU has provided an avenue of intervention and investigation to open doors for healing on a bioindividual basis.

Dr. Dana Brown

The educational experience at FMU has been exceptional which has let me treat a wider variety of patients that I normally wouldn't see. My new knowledge has led me to become healthier. I have also improved the health of my family and patients.

Dr. Brent E. Zerkle

I am thoroughly impressed to date with this material. It is extremely detailed, and delivered in a manner that allows the student to "put the pieces together." I would recommend this program to any health care professional that wants to see their patients soar to better health. Well done FMU.

Dr. Chris Nutting
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Dr. Schuler

The FMU program has taken me from out of the blocks as a clinician to being shot from a rocket!  If I could describe it, I would say it is as close to those television shows that overweight individuals train with personal trainers for a period of time and come out able to train others.  I can now help the unhelped.  Most patients I see now have seen multiple specialists.  I could not have done so this quickly in my career without FMU.

Can you share a successful clinical outcome that you got from implementing what you learned in the FDM Training Program?

I had a 28 year old male patient with non-responsive hypertension.  A clinical pearl I learned from Dr. Grisanti was that cadmium loves the kidneys and he had the documentation to prove it.  After biotransforming the toxic heavy metal and identifying this man's food sensitivities, his blood pressure has normalized.  Hypertension used to be one of those diagnoses I was nervous about treating.

Why would someone want to learn Functional Diagnostic Medicine?

To not become obsolete

Corey Schuler, D.C.
1305 Esther Ln
Owatonna, MN 55060

Functional medicine training provides the doctor with the diagnostic skills to discover the root cause of the patient's symptoms whether structural or functional. This should be the goal of all PCPs.

Can you share a successful clinical outcome that you got from implementing what you learned in the FDM Training Program?

I have discovered in my practice that most of the hypothyroid patients that I have treated have underlying GI dysfunction. When the GI symptoms clear the thyroid hormones normalize and the thyroid antibody levels decrease.

Wayne L. Sodano, D.C., D.A.B.C.I.
Functional Medicine Diagnostic &
Treatment Center of Maryland, LLC
P.O. Box 810
Bel Air, MD 21014

Dr. Belli

Even after 25 years of practice including Applied Kinesiology and nutrition I found the course informative, very thorough and valuable. I feel like it has increased my level of competency, and my confidence, resulting in significant practice growth.

Can you share a successful clinical outcome that you got from implementing what you learned in the FDM Training Program?

Just walked out of the treatment room with a patient whom has had debilitating insomnia for three years, corrected large bowel function, now sleeping like a baby.

Why would someone want to learn Functional Diagnostic Medicine?

It is the way of the future, just plain old segmental chiropractic is not going to cut it.

Richard A. Belli, D.C.
900 Fulton Ave. Ste. 300
Sacramento, CA 95825

This program was fantastic. There is a more complete way of viewing lab work you already know, but this class put a different picture on the results.

Incorporating this information into a practice is easy and effective.

Francine Morrison, M.D.
P.O. Box 1583
Jackson, LA 70748

FMU training increased my clinical skills.Therefore, I am more confident in treating my patients. So their outcomes get better and better.And by the same token, my business will take up.I don't have to work hard like before.

Daniel Huynh,D.C.

Dr. Stone

My skills and confidence have increased throughout my experience with FMU. I appreciate the detail of the lessons, as well as the ease of application.  The process isn't simple, but the organization and teaching style simplifies it as much as possible.  I think anyone with a desire to further their skills CAN apply this and be effective rapidly. I really appreciate both doctors level of knowledge and commitment!

Can you share a successful clinical outcome that you got from implementing what you learned in the FDM Training Program?

One of the first clients I ran through FDM suffered from lower back pain.  He had been under corrective chiropractic care for a year with ZERO relief.  With the symptom survey, we found he also had severe gas, bloating, and constipation.  I ordered a CDSA, which revealed a very inflamed gut and dysbiosis.  I used the suggested anti-microbial, which was tested by the lab, plus a protocol for treating the inflammation, and within a month, his symptoms had resolved, and he stated that he had more relief in 3 visits with me than over a year with another chiropractor.  He has referred in maybe 3 or 4 of his family and friends.

Todd Stone, D.C.
1095 Hendersonville Road
Asheville, NC 28803

This program will take the doctor who is simply treating the normal case and kind of patients and train them on how to treat the more difficult cases that are not being treated elsewhere.

Ben Bowers, D.C.
8080 E Central Ave
Wichita, KS 67206

FMU is a gold mine of information to help you provide excelllent health care to your patients. FMU continues to increase its worth by constantly updating material as well as adding new componets to better help you the doctor to be your best. Thanks for all you do.

Dr. Darryl Osborn

Dr. Fenske

Wonderful program!  I love the systematic, self-paced approach and have implemented in my office with great success.  I do no advertising and have a constant stream of new patients.

Can you share a successful clinical outcome that you got from implementing what you learned in the FDM Training Program?

Many times, with just simple blood chemistry, I discovered health challenges that had been completely missed by traditional doctors.

Why would someone want to learn Functional Diagnostic Medicine?

The wave of the future in intelligent healthcare.

Nicole Fenske, D.C.
Fenske Holistic Healthcare Ctr
7600 Terrace Ave., #102
Middleton, WI 53562

You both did a tremendous amount of work prior to each webinar and provided us with a massive amount of data and information. I did benefit not only for my patients but my own personal well being. I think especially Chiropractors can and will benefit in their practices and able to help patients beyond their structural problems that they usually come and see a chiropractor for.

Saskia Thiadens
Nat'l Lymphedema Network
1611 Telegraph Ave Ste:1
Oakland, CA 94612

My friends hear the excitement in my voice and the passion I have about this and are already saying "sign me up! I want to be your patient! Hurry up and finish your training!" There is such a great need out there for this kind of care...not a band aide but true healing...body, mind, and spirit. In my earlier efforts to counsel people in nutrition something was missing. I believe this is the link to becoming effective in health care. I am so grateful to be able to be a part of this and for you for offering this curriculum. Thank you!

Lisa M. Zohoury, RD
Roswell, Georgia

Dr. March

As a chiropractor trained in Applied Kinesiology and chiropractic neurology and practicing with another similarly trained doctor, I thought I had a good understanding of many clinical problems.  What I have learned at the Functional Medicine University has changed the way patients are treated in our clinic.  We used plenty of nutritional products to help patients before, but now, with the use of functional blood analysis and the myriad of other tests, we can show the patient the positive results and keep them on track for a healthy life.  While enrolled in the Functional Diagnostic Medicine Training Program, I used myself as a 'test dummy' and found that I have a reactive hypoglycemic problem that I have corrected with dietary changes and some supportive nutrition.  I am very thankful for this discovery and the knowledge to rectify my own health.  I started using my training on my existing patient base and found that my results improved markedly over my previous treatment regimen.  The patients were so excited about seeing the results of their efforts that I now have many referrals of their families and friends.  One patient said that it was hard for her to refer others to me as a chiropractor, but now it is easy, because she tells them about the Functional Medicine Doctor.  I am very happy to be on the cutting edge of patient care with the knowledge I gained at FMU.

Can you share a successful clinical outcome that you got from implementing what you learned in the FDM Training Program?

Patient: 38 year-old Caucasian female with 10 year history of Rosacea.  This markedly affected her social life and she remained single.  She was on several antidepressants and slowly gaining weight.  Diet was high in simple carbohydrates with little protein.  She had no real digestive complaints other than mild constipation.  Blood labs revealed early metabolic syndrome and + H.-pylori.  Stool tests verified a large population of the offending H. Pylori.  Treatment was to remove the offending bacteria and correct the diet using the methods taught the Functional Diagnostic Medicine Training Program.  She was also encouraged to begin an exercise program.  The result after three months of monitoring was a very happy woman with almost no trace of Rosacea and a much trimmer figure and no antidepressants!  I haven't found her a boyfriend yet, but I am sure that she will do that by herself now.

Why would someone want to learn Functional Diagnostic Medicine?

To enhance the life experience of their clients or patients.

Randall March, D.C. D.A.C.N.B.
1840 Avondale Ave.
Sacramento CA 95825

I absolutely love FMU!!! The Training Program includes the tools and knowledge I was looking for and more. Support is readily available whether you need to contact Dr. Grisanti or administrative support. Joining this program was one of my best decisions!

Kasia Booss-Cortez

Dr. Bitenc

FMU gave me the knowledge to work with my clients on a whole new level and now my clients are looking me up to fix their medical problems. I'm also able to speak to doctors and some even ask me for help. I would recommend FMU to any medical worker who isn't satisfied with their results and would like to expand and really start helping people and making them better.

Sandi Bitenc


FMU has definitely added to my personnel knowledge of functional medicine testing and interpretation and therefore has boosted my confidence in helping difficult cases. Definitely will aide diagnostics which in turn will improve treatment results.

William Logan Cox DC ACN

The information from the Functional Medicine University has been extremely useful in helping me understand the physiology behind a lot of my clients symptoms. I am already getting excellent results with clients and am looking forward to improving my skill. Dr Grisanti has been most helpful - always answering emails and feel like I am connected with a real person not just a participant on an unmonitored website. Administration staff have been excellent also. The added bonus for me as an international student is that I don't have to travel to the US to participate in conferences. I can work through the material at my own pace and keep referring back when I want to. I am really pleased I found the Functional Medicine University and thank them for helping me improve as a practitioner.

Susan Birch
New Zealand
027 279 5357

Dr. Howrilla

I, like a lot of other doctors had training nutritionally by the supplement companies that I did business with. I learned the cookie cutter, symptom survey approach to help my patients get well. Sometimes I got it right, sometimes I didn't. Sometimes my patient complied with my protocol and sometimes they didn't. Not all patients "fit" the picture so occasionally there would be some confusion or doubt on my part. Still, I wanted to help and I looked to be more proficient in my skills. This program was exactly what I was looking for! It was very doable with a work schedule and a life. What I took from it was that I could take any patient, gather their information, examine them properly, and skillfully order unique and advanced laboratory tests. ( Which is what they are looking for. ) This gives me the proof/info I need and the black and white proof they need to see that I actually was a detective to find their individual and unique solution to their health challenge. I feel that this allows me to be more confident in myself and they will be more confident in me so that they will comply with the plan. Then I also have an objective way to follow through with them and show them the results of their successful path to health that they couldn't find and thought didn't exist for them. People are so ready for this type of health care and I can so bring it to them now! Thanks FMU! It makes practice fun again!

Dr. William D. Howrilla
Pittsburgh, PA

I was unsure at first how good this course would be however I can honestly say I am very impressed with the level of depth this course goes into, especially the practice management side too! It has made me much more aware of other avenues to explore however. I would definitely recommend this course for anyone who is interested in learning functional medicine.

Ashley Ridout
United Kingdom
+44208 445 1020

My FMU experience has been great. I have had the opportunity to learn from many different sources over the past 20plus years in health care. Traditional medicine gave me a good nursing school program followed by a nurse practitioner program which provided me with great information to help people. I also learned invaluable information from the chiropractic program I attended. FMU has brought all of this together where I feel empowered to identify the underlying causes of people's symptoms illness and disease. I finally feel like I am asking the question why does this person have these issues rather than than just labeling them with a disease and managing those symptoms. The results are better and people are healthier and happier and that is very fulfilling for a practitioner.

Dr Jenny Sechler

I am continuing to gain a more thorough understanding of physiology and biochemistry and am grateful to be up to date with my knowledge. School was many years ago and many new things have been discovered about the body since my school days. My patients are very excited when I tell them I am studying Functional Medicine, and they are open to having additional lab tests. They like knowing that we are getting to the root of their problems.

Barbara Mitchem, DC, CAN
Columbus, TX

I have enjoyed the learning experience with FMU. If you are interested in Functional Medicine the FMU is a great place to start. You will be provided a well rounded education and foundation inorder to provide your patients the care they need. You will be hard press to find a better value at the price and convience.

Craig Sanford

I am impressed with the depth of information but also that it is kept very much 'simple' - providing a deeper understanding of WHY people get ill, rather than patching up the illness. I am very much enjoying the training and would highly recommend to anyone - even non-physicians - who work with clients on bettering their health.


FMU has opened my eyes to a whole new world of helping patients in a way that no one else is doing. Patients are slowly dying from improper information and treatment. With proper education, guidance and treatment, patients can enjoy a much healthier life style. FMU offers those opportunities.

David K. Naylor, DC, Dipl. Ac. (NCCAOM)
North Carolina

Dr. Mandelbaum

I am super impressed with the ease and level of learning. The classes are really interesting and cutting edge. I find the handouts useful. I am impressed with the platform. I can't thank you enough for putting this together as I can learn at my own pace - and enjoy the entire process.

Lisa Mandelbaum

Dr. Russell

Being a student of FMU, I'm very excited about learning a new paradigm that is totally absent from modern medical training. In modern medicine, we have lost the real physician-patient relationship. This new paradigm of FDM is like saying to the person, "I know you're hurting, just take my hand and together we'll get you better". I love it!!!

Jeffrey S. Russell, DO
Coldwater, MI

I've been in Functional Medicine for years and I'm delighted with all that I am still learning because of your program.

Vernon S. Redd
New Mexico

The FMU program has given me and my patients hope, healing and a new desire to learn again. It has been life changing. Words can not describe how good this program is.

Andrelis Mclean

Pat White

I have found the resources at FMU very valuable. With the knowledge I have gained from the courses at FMU and now am able to provide interventions which can be helpful in decreasing the severity of the symptoms.

Pat White
Glendale, AZ

I have a person that was interested in being seeing by a health professional. She contacted me and we agreed for a date for the visit. I mailed her the medical history package. She received the package and completed it thoroughly. These are her words during the visit. The patient asked me, "Do you know why I decided to keep the appointment?" No, why. "Because after I completed the medical history package I knew you care. The questions were so diverse and thorough that helped me to go deeper in areas of my life that I have forgotten. Thank you." In her own words, nobody has taken so much time with her to explore her needs. This patient was a bundle of physical, emotional and spiritual issues that her visit took me almost three hours, even after completing the medical history package. The patient was satisfied with the diagnosis and care. The patient has been sending me referrals since then.

Ascanio Peguero
(817) 350-7294

I'm currently on the 2nd module, but I have learned so much already. I'm already developing confidence and knowledge in serving my patients more and differently.

Michael Bowen
Corona, CA

I've been in the FM world my entire career - from day one of graduation. I have seen it all when it comes to FM education, nutritional approaches, etc, and I can say that the education, tools, and follow through that Dr. Grisanti has put together at FMU is first class. There's always something new to learn, some clinical pearl to digest, and some nugget of truth that you can use the next morning. Amazing.

Minneapolis, MN

Dr. Thornton

The functional medicine program has been extremely educational and inspiring. The tools that you are giving doctors can't be found anywhere else.

This is truly cutting edge information!

Jeremy Thornton, D.C., DABCI
205 South St.
Stockton, MO 65785

Greg ScottThis course transformed my understanding of nutrition and my approach to situations I see in my office. I was selling vitamins before I started the program, and even ordering some labs with what now seems like a blindfolded pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey approach. I would order some tests and recommend a few supplements. Now I order specific labs for specific findings, and have specific protocols accordingly. I was able to take off the blindfold. Patients are more responsive to care now. Truly an enlightening program!

Dr Greg Scott

Your program has added a whole new realm to my practice. I've been able to help patients with conditions I never would have considered before and with much confidence. There is much satisfaction being the doctor who helped the patient that others could not. It is amazing to see how many patients are taking the wrong paths in their search for healing. I could not recommend this program enough.

Michael Condon, D.C.
Spring Valley Chiropractic
806 West Dakota Street
Spring Valley, IL 61362

FMU has allowed me to become versed in the tenets of functional medicine and to make a significant contribution to my patients' health in ways I never experienced before. The program affords me the flexibility to complete the training at my own pace and it is offered at a price point that was not cost prohibitive.

Lynne Armiger CRNP, MSN


Erin WilliamsI'm a holistically trained Nutritionist (Bastyr Masters Grad) and I learned a little functional medicine in my training, not just the typical standard dietitian training, but this goes much further and much more in-depth. I'm loving the problem solving and root cause focus

Erin Williams MSN CN

The FMU approach to HEALTHcare is teaching me that I can develop the necessary tools with the necessary knowledge to better help my patients and educate a public craving for ways to improve their health. I am much more enthusiastic about my practice and look forward to being a part of FMU for the rest of my life as a doctor. Improving my diagnostic skills and utlizing the right tools to help my patients is something I have always strived for and FMU is allowing me to achieve this most important goal.

Dr. Michael L. Smith
New Jersey

John TarpoffWorking in an integrated setting, I've always wondered why certain patients responded the way they did to treatments, and at times medication and interventional management. A large percentage of the patients who in fact fail conventional care do have significant underlying metabolic issues. Issues, that when controlled properly, can alter their lives. Functional Medicine University has provided me with a unique skill set to attack these issues.

John Tarpoff DC, CSCS

FMU provides insight and improved patient outcomes by identifying the source of the problem and resolving it rather than focusing on treating the symptom

Sinclair B. McCracken, MD
Newport News, VA

Ramona WarrenTaking the FMU course has been very helpful in learning about the different systems of the body, how interconnected they are and how to use many advanced tests to help determine the source of the problem. This course takes healthcare to the next level and truly focuses on health rather than disease. Understanding the body systems more thoroughly and how to decipher symptoms through a thorough history, exam and tests is one of the great benefits of taking the FMU course. With each module my knowledge and skills have increased and I have become a better doctor able to give more comprehensive care to my patients and have become a true "doctor of cause." I took this course to improve my abilities to give good quality care to my patients and I feel this course has more than fulfilled my expectations. I would recommend it to any practitioner interested in becoming a better doctor.

Ramona Warren, DC

Being a student at FMU is one of the greatest things I could have done for myself and my patients. The support of the FMU staff has been outstanding, and it is obvious their genuine concern for the health of our clients, and the success of us as FMU students. THANK YOU!

Sara Grout Sydney,

I am blown away by the amount of information that FMU provides for such a reasonable price.

Brent Keime

Dr. Irving

The FMU training program "flipped a switch" in both my practice and my professional growth.

With Dr. Grisanti's well-organized information, I have been able to effectively integrate functional medicine into my practice and am on my way to achieving my goal of having an efficient and effective chiropractic clinic that is unique, enjoyable and profitable.

Dr. Tim Irving D.C., L.M.T., Nutritionist
819 SE Morrison St. Suite 230
Portland, OR, 97214

This is one information packed seminar. No stone is left unturned. If you want to take your practice to the next level this is it.

Why would someone want to learn Functional Diagnostic Medicine?

To actually help get people well instead of covering up symptoms.

Dr. Joe Labbadia
Calverton, NY

I am discovering how important is the biochemistry and physiology basis of my medical studies; I find amazing the changes of ill patients through the Functional Medicine. I understand better my patients' blood results before they become ill.

Dr. Eric Turgis
Luxembourg -(Europe)

Dr. Bishop

The FDM Training program has helped me to help my patients in a much more profound way.  Patients are so relieved to finally get to the core of long standing health issues and make significant changes towards wellness. They feel hopeful again and empowered. They respond when conventional aging myths are dispelled!

Can you share a successful clinical outcome that you got from implementing what you learned in the FDM Training Program?

Male patient resolved years of digestive disturbance that was affecting sleep and his relationship. Female patient feeling more energy and positive emotions after reaching a point of hopelessness. Female patient resolved long standing digestive issues and headaches and was able to reduce and eliminate prescription medications. Patient able to become pregnant and maintain pregnancy. She has renewed energy.

Why would someone want to learn Functional Diagnostic Medicine?

To have tools that can really help promote patient wellness

Dr. Catherine Orsi, ND, LMP
Seattle, WA

What a blessings these two bring to our careers. individually they are great but the synergistic value you receive of both is immeasurable. Patients around the world will be helped when all else has failed.

Michael Bishop, D.C.
400 Barton Blvd. Suite 2
Rockledge, FL 32955

My experience, so far, has made all of the material I have learned from years of study start to come together. Learning to read blood tests, organic acid and stool samples has made all the difference in coming up with an optimal plan for treatment. Using and having the functional medicine approach to healing and guidance helps with the tough cases. Having the help from Dr. Grisanti or the discussion forums really help if you have a question or make sure you are on the right tract with a case. I have really enjoyed being a student at FMU because there is an enormous amount of material but I really am learning and loving what I have gotten from this..

Wendy Mitchell

Dr. Tracey

I have taken a lot of seminars and training in Functional Medicine and Anti aging Medicine over the last several years. The training provided by FMU far surpasses that provided at most of the other institutions and at a fraction of the cost. Every physician from every discipline can benefit from the FMU Training. I highly recommend it to everyone looking to improve their clinical decision making and overall patient care.

Dr. Matthew Tracey, DO., OMD., AP
Saudi Arabia

I have learned and am in need of more and more learning because there is so much information available to help patients. The need for this is amazing because of all the abuse patients are getting with their medications. I had a new patient in today with 10 prescriptions, 4 surgeries that messed her up and leaving her about 40# overweight with no answers on how to get her life back.

Can you share a successful clinical outcome that you got from implementing what you learned in the FDM Training Program?

One of my patients is 20# down and, in combination with chiropractic, is over his spinal stenosis diagnosis and happy. He is feeling better than he has in years.  I also have a new cancer patient that I am going to help erase her diagnosis of a year or less to live!

Why would someone want to learn Functional Diagnostic Medicine?

Get people away the dealers of death and dying and give people a shot at becoming healthy!! Too many people need this type of care in combination with chiropractic health care.

Dr. Roy Ostenson (DC)
Appleton, WI  54914

FMU teaching has opened the door for a broad avenue of patient care that has generally not been utilized in chiropractic. Today's patients want direction in non-drug therapies that have a scienitfic basis and provide results. Functional medicine is true wellness care. Now I can treat with confidence and recommend true wellness for my patients.

Steven C Riggleman, DC

If you desire to expand your clinical knowledge, the FMU program is a must. For doctors looking to take their practice to the next level, I highly recommend enrolling in this program ASAP!

Ryan Vaughn, DC

Being a student at FMU has helped me view the patient's symptoms and diagnosis with a more critical eye. I am now investigating and thinking out of the box more.

Jon E. Zeagler D.C.
Natchitoches, LA

Exceptional education

Rachel Smith-Anderson D.C.
Spencer, IA

Dr. Alcaraz

I just found the right medical model that my 4 years of studying medicine did not teach me. I will continue to share this amazing experience to my colleagues, friends, family and patients. This is definitely the future of medicine!

Casper Alcaraz M.D.

After I started the FMU program, I don't think I can ever look at a patient the same way again. Being an M.D., I have been frustrated at just throwing more drugs at patients and not healing them. It is inconsistent with why I originally became a physician. I believe we need to help the mind, body and spirit heal. FMU training has given me the tools, diagnostic testing and knowledge to help my patients achieve the health and resilience that they desire. It has been an eye-opening program and I look forward to many years of being a physician-healer. Thanks FMU!

Nancy Sturtz, M.D.
Toledo, Ohio

FMU has brought back the "enthusiasm" and knowledge stimulation that was the foundation of why I original went into Medicine. It has rejuvenated my current Internal Medicine practice. I have now "Tools" to educate, teach patients, make a difference and get to the ROOT of the complaints of each unique patient. Instead of given a Bandaid or Treat the branches, one can really get to reversal of illness, complaints, symptoms of patients. FMU can make a difference and reduce cost of medicine-reactionary of today's therapies. FMU can do a better job at keeping people out of hospitals and truly assist everyone individual towards "Health & Wellness".

Ramon A. Solis Jr. M.D.

Dr. Irving

FMU has been life-altering and career-shifting. I have learned so much. Before starting the program I had achieved post-grad certification in wellness training and had been living/thinking as a FM practitioner for a while. But it was only surface level. Since embarking on the FMU program, I have deepened my knowledge, understanding, and paradigm immensely. I am SO confident to take on any issue. As a Chiropractor, I realized how vastly negligent my education was on the Endocrine system, especially the Steroid hormones. The Endocrine module alone is worth the price.

John Bartemus
Cornelius, NC

Both Ron and Wayne are very committed, professionally to share their vast knowledge with their students and teach accordingly. It was a pleasure to participate in their program and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about helping people.

Shawn Juliano

One word - outstanding! One statement to describe the courses - NO STONE LEFT UNTURNED. The courses and modules provide a unsurpassed education base that give not only the foundations in functional medicine, but teaches you how to build upon that foundation every step of the way. This program is worth its weight in gold.

Gerald Drefahl

My interest in functional medicine began when I was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition myself. Initially, I had decided to pursue the IFM certification, however, it was too expensive and time consuming (as i live in Malaysia). FMU provides exactly what i need to become not only certified but actually more confident in my approach.


I previously took another course. I was very happy with the course, however it wasn't as geared toward post doctorate training and as extensive regarding the variety of labs. I am on board and very excited about what FMU offers. I have had some great successes with patients. Keep up the great job you and everybody at FMU has done for us!

Ed Madrid, DC

Dr. Umland

I have been pleased at the depth of the information presented & the quick responses of the instructors to questions I have posed. I see this becoming a whole new direction for me to reach many people who otherwise I wouldn't be able to.

Why would someone want to learn Functional Diagnostic Medicine?

To provide a better service to their patients & to provide a service that their competitors' aren't. Can access many more people who normally wouldn't go to a DC.

Kyle Umland, D.C.
Pasadena, CA

I can clearly see the difference of functional medical approach to patients. Here in FMU, we learn to treat the cause of the disease, not just treating and relieving symptoms of patients. Every disease can be explained by functional medicine. Going back to basic medicine like biochemistry and physiology, will open our minds to treat from the source of human function. Restoring the normal function of the human body is how FMU teaches their students to treat patients. I highly recommend all physicians to incorporate functional medicine in their practice.

Rico Jose Manuel Baula David
Angeles City
6345 322 1783

As a practitioner of Nutritional Medicine based in the UK, some aspects of the course were more accessible than others. However, Dr. Grisanti has produced a veritable goldmine of information which has proved relevant and supportive in my practice: blood chemistry analysis/patient home testing/a plethora of questionnaires/improved understanding of patient cases/clear treatment protocols, to name a few. The course material will serve as a major reference resource in my practice from now on.

Why would someone want to learn Functional Diagnostic Medicine?

to get to the root causes of patient health problems

Jan Thwaites
Isle of Wight UK
01983 810635

This training opened my eyes to the different ways of looking at a problem and, of course, my patients. As a regular doc, what I learned was far more interesting than the stuff we are expected to know. I really appreciate their efforts in making things easy to understand and to translate to my clients

Dr. William Shwetzer

The Functional Medicine Course provides a tremendous amount of information in a format that is easy to learn at your own pace. The course material would take numerous weekend seminar classes, but this is extremely convenient, cost effective and we have the MP3 and written material to refer to when needed. The potential for profit is huge for any DC expanding into the nutrition arena.

Why would someone want to learn Functional Diagnostic Medicine?

To expand the services offered in your clinic or practice

George Shoemaker DC
3384 Easton Ave Bethlehem Pa 18020
610 865 6111

Dr. Borho

The course materials are thorough, well-formatted, geared toward all learning styles, well-organized, and cover all of the body systems and conditions most-often encountered in clinical practice. For any doctor out there who feels frustrated and tired of the old, out-dated, pharmaceutically-centered paradigm, and who wants to move into the 21st century of healing and medicine, I could not recommend this course more highly. Great student support, challenging curriculum, but you work at your own pace. Stellar program!

Suzanne Borho
South Korea

This training is very comprehensive. Even the most skilled clinician will find this course valuable. Tons of resources that can be used to expand your diagnostic ability and product offerings. The delivery format is excellent.

Can you share a successful clinical outcome that you got from implementing what you learned in the FDM Training Program?

I had a male patient that presented with persistent indigestion type symptoms. He had already been to several medical specialist over the past 10 months and was very distraught about his results. He was taking several medications and still having pain and a deep concern about what was the real problem. I ran an expanded GI panel which none of his gastrointestinal doctors thought to run. He showed positive for C. Difficile along with many other signs of GI stress.  I sent him back to his doctor with the test results and this M.D. was very impressed with the tests and wanted to know more about it. This patient was now able to receive the specific treatment for that infection and is now using my recommend protocols for complete recovery. What I hear many times from my patients is why didn't my other doctor run these tests? They usually say with a tone of anger.

Why would someone want to learn Functional Diagnostic Medicine?

To be confident about why they are giving nutrition. It will give them the foundation of physiology to work with so many people who are not being treated appropriately.

Jeff Brittain, D.C.
3230 Kirby #410
Houston, TX 77098

Dr. Ridout

FMU has given me the expertise and confidence in digging down deep by going upstream with each and every client presenting with symptoms of dysfunction and getting to the root cause of why their uneasiness continues to persist. The investigative tools taught to me by FMU in the program, gives me the ability to investigate at a very high level as to why these symptoms exist, a map of how to correct the underlying cause of dysfunction, while educating the client on the necessary lifestyle changes and ensuring through follow up diagnostic testing that their health is moving in the right direction.

Sandy Ridout

This program was so well organized and presented that it made studying something to look forward to. It was easy to manage on my IPad, and I appreciated the portability of it. The forums, clinical cases, and webinars were unexpected bonuses to the program. The exams were very fair and helped to further consolidate the learning. I only wish I had known about this program when it first started. I have used the principles of functional medicine to make a near total recovery from 25 years of chronic fatigue/fibromyalgia. Conventional medicine has nothing to offer to so many patients who are truly suffering. The teachers of this program are on my list of heroes.

Susan Baker

Clear concise information that is rich enough for many miles of study. It would take years of seminars to put together this kind of content and for Ron I am sure it did. Job well done

Jason Prevost DC

Excellent and timely information to help our patients! Practical information presented in a format that makes functional medicine fun to apply in practice.

Why would someone want to learn Functional Diagnostic Medicine?

To diversify income streams and learn additional way to help our patients.

James Barger DC
Folsom, Calif

Dr. PowellFMU has been a great resource for evaluation, treatment and retesting numerous conditions, beyond the musculoskeletal practice that I had for 25 years. This has opened up a cash based business that is growing, and giving peace of mind due to the alternative to the insurance based business that I have that is dwindling in profitability.

Richard Powell


Very motivating, after 30 years of practice I need some motivating factor and this has been it!

Steven Wasserman, RN, DC
Los Alamitos, CA

I am very happy and pleased to have taken the first FMU class by Dr. Grisanti and now extremely happy to be able to take the second class to expand my knowledge in FDM. I completed the DABCI program in July 2008. There is an enormous difference between the two. I have learned to bridge the gap between the two to become a better physician. I credit FDM for making that possible. There is more in depth training in FDM as to finding out the actual cause to the patient`s  illness. Patients look at you with more respect and amazement when you truly get at the core of their problems. You are able to give them the assurance that they didn`t find elsewhere.

Can you share a successful clinical outcome that you got from implementing what you learned in the FDM Training Program?

A 55 year old male on conventional BP medications for fifteen years was able to get off his BP medications completely within three months. Using the FDM forms alone and the information from his medical records and recent tests he was given by his personal physician, I was able to change his nutritional status which alone helped this patient to get off his medications. As you know, his personal physician wasn`t too happy. He stated to the patient that perhaps the patient didn`t have a BP  problem after all. Nutrition has nothing to do with BP the patient was told. The patient is happy and I am happy. I advised the patient not to be angry with the doctor. The patient complied.

Why would someone want to learn Functional Diagnostic Medicine?

To become better physicians.

James Otis Williams,D.C.
Beaufort, South Carolina

My clinical skill improved in many fields, including Interpretations of patients lab tes, knowing more functional medicine lab test and treating patient with better outcomes.

Dr. mustika M.D.

Even though I cannot order the diagnostic tests, I have found the information about the biochemistry, disease processes, and treatment extremely useful when working with my patients, family and friends.  I feel more confident with my explanations to patients on their conditions and how functional medicine can impact their health.

Can you share a successful clinical outcome that you got from implementing what you learned in the FDM Training Program?

I have more confidence in using Hydrochloric Acid with my patients.  Besides helping several patients with malabsorption issues, I have had patients whose joints pains have decreased, back pain resolve, and one patient who has been able to stop taking antibiotics for her rosacea (no outbreaks in 3 months!).

Why would someone want to learn Functional Diagnostic Medicine?

To be able to assist the diagnosis of difficult patients, and speed their recovery

Shishino, PT, IMT,C
Los Angeles, CA
(310) 649-5339

Dr. Wu

FMU gives me one more tool to look at the patient. As a holistic practitioner and trying to understand why patients have what they have, it is always good to know what they are deficiency or toxic within the body. With objective approach trained by FMU, I am able to monitor and track patient progress and get them well. It gives me more certainty and way to distinguished myself from peers as well.

Dr. Alan Wu DC

Dr. Thompson

The information is thorough, cutting edge and absolutely necessary in today's health industry. FMU gives you a major advantage and degree of certainty that no other practitioners posses. Mastering the information and mindset that is learned here is like "skating to wear the pucks going vs. where the puck is". Those of us that have this applied knowledge will hold the pearl when it comes to who the patients with the most challenging cases. Bottom line is FMU creates more value in YOU as a doctor than anything thing else available, especially in a home classroom environment!

Michael N. Thompson, DC
817 449 2549

I started the program because I wanted to become more proficient, but now I realize that I have become more confident, more sure and a much better doctor.  I feel like I received the missing like I did not get in school and every patient I treat gets the benefit of this over and over again.  I would suggest that any doctor who wants to really truly help the people that they see do this program.

Can you share a successful clinical outcome that you got from implementing what you learned in the FDM Training Program?

I have been able to go back over adrenal tests that I did in the past and see how I can change the treatment plan to reach the root of the problem.  The results were better than I could have imagined.  The patients had an increase in energy, increased motivation and a more dramatic change in overall symptoms than I had achieved before.

Julie TwoMoon
Plymouth MI

Dr. Kim

Training at FMU enables me to understand the root causes of chronic diseases, and to implement its methods in my clinical practice.

Donghwan Kim,M.D.,Ph.D.
South Korea

 laurentnappeeThe Functional Medicine Training Program is simply the best course I had the opportunity to take since Chiropractic College! It was exactly what I had been looking for for years: a way of expanding my knowledge about the standard and advanced lab testing which are currently available to us today so I can better target the cause of the chronic health dysfunctions that my patients suffer from. More than a course on nutrition, this program was a complete system and was definitely the easiest and fastest way to embrace the Functional Medicine World. I feel that Ron did an optimal job in giving me all the fundamentals I needed and in the same time kept me motivated enough to further research this fascinating and huge field.  


Why would someone want to learn Functional Diagnostic Medicine?

In Italy, chiropractic has been recently recognized but the details of the law are still being worked upon. The possibility of ordering blood tests for example isn't allowed yet for the chiropractor, at least officially. Doing nutrition isn't defined as well. These are the major obstacles at the present time but I hope it will change in the near future.

Laurent Nappee, D.C.
Centro Chiropratico Salus  Via Clara Maffei,
14 A  24121
Tel: 0039 035222959

I was practicing FDM prior to taking the course, but the additional knowledge I've gained is invaluable. The information I've learned helps to support the protocols I prescribe. Knowledge is power! Not to mention, it makes us look good in front of our patients! I have many colleagues who work longer hours than I, but I have a greater income, due to the FDM patients I have.  Not only are you helping people, but it is an addition to your profit.

Can you share a successful clinical outcome that you got from implementing what you learned in the FDM Training Program?

I have one patient who is hypochlorhydric. She had flatulence so badly, that she was constantly embarrassed at work and otherwise. Giving her probiotics and HCl has really helped her internally and socially!

Why would someone want to learn Functional Diagnostic Medicine?

To help more people!

Lisa Gold, D.N.
Chicago, IL

Very impressed with the information & format. I feel I now have answers to questions my patients have. I they are looking for the true cause of their condition & not just to treat symptoms.

Dr. Don Henderson
615-371-1091 ext 13

The program has enhanced my knowledge of my approach to seeing my clients. My goal is to be able to explore the hidden opportunities for healing for my clients and this program will bring this goal to fruition.

Jennifer Savage


Having the depth of understanding that is gained through the FDM program enables me to educate my patients much more efficiently and earn the referrals of their friends and families.

Can you share a successful clinical outcome that you got from implementing what you learned in the FDM Training Program?

Within the first month of doing labwork I diagnosed 5 cases of Hashimoto's thyroiditis, 8 cases of B12 deficiency and have finally been able to convince my patients to go off gluten. By putting my patients on the proper nutritional support and gaining their compliance, their health and energy levels have improved remarkably.

Marla Scripter DC
Northridge, CA

Why would someone want to learn Functional Diagnostic Medicine?

Evidence based knowledge without, having to spend torturous hours on research, I would imagine be the most effective use of time and finances.  Your course certainly lives up to this expectation.  Thank you.

As a Naturopathic university student, FMU is an absolute gem of a course - words cannot express my gratitude and how I truly feel.  The advance knowledge am gaining through this course is helping me: consolidate; upgrade my diagnostic skills and knowledgebase; preparing me to ask more relevant questions of my tutors; and gain better marks on my coursework.  I feel privileged to be given the opportunity to study alongside current practitioners as it relevant to my future goals.  I truly thank FMU for preparing me to become an excellent practitioner.

Milagritos Kanji
London, England

Dr. Joseph

FMU helped give me a blueprint and confidence to start implementing F.M. In my practice. Hands down the most comprehensive and informative website I have ever used that has personally helped me in my own clinic.

Joseph P. Kulaga
Lake Charles, la

The FDM training and materials have been a tremendous resource as I develop my naturopathic medical practice.  The forms and questionnaires really saved me a lot of time in starting my practice.

Can you share a successful clinical outcome that you got from implementing what you learned in the FDM Training Program?

The FDM training was invaluable in helping me to approach the diagnosis, workup, and treatment plan development of my first Hashimoto's thyroiditis case.

Why would someone want to learn Functional Diagnostic Medicine

It reinforces the naturopathic training I already have.

Orville R Weyrich, Jr PhD NMD
Scottsdale, AZ
(480) 600-7695

I had been using blood and saliva testing for years before taking your class.  Your information has significantly increased my practical knowledge and confidence to tackle difficult cases and has certainly helped my bottom line

Can you share a successful clinical outcome that you got from implementing what you learned in the FDM Training Program?

I recently worked with a 48 year old female who came to me with occasional weakness and numbness, headaches, chemical sensitivity, fatigue, tight and stiff muscles.  After performing a comprehensive blood panel, liver detox panel, RBC mineral test and hormone panel, she was given appropriate supplements and dietary changes.  On her five week reevaluation she reported significant improvement on dizziness, weakness & numbness, and foggy thinking.  She has already referred in her mother-in-law for care.

Why would someone want to learn Functional Diagnostic Medicine?

To help all of the people they normally cannot get well

Paul Firnhaber, DC
Lincoln, NE

The FDM training program offers a wealth of information that is categorized in a very user friendly manor. It gives you on a step back step method of thinking on how to evaluate a patients health condition from start to finish. What lab tests should be ordered and what nutritional supplements should be given and even what company or companies to order them from. It is straight forward like A to B to C.

Can you share a successful clinical outcome that you got from implementing what you learned in the FDM Training Program?

I have this female patient early 30's who has suffered half her life with severe allergies and severe menstrual problems (cramping, low back pain, and migraines). I followed FDM protocols and discovered that she suffers from intestinal hyperpermeability and low progesterone. It is about 3 months later and her migraines are gone, her allergies are slight to mild 85% gone, her severe cramps and low back pain are slight to mild (she used be end up in bed for at least 1-2 days before) for the last 2 months she has gone to work with little to no problems. It works.

Rudy A Reyes D.C.
San Diego, Ca

Dr. Bill

Since joining FMU I have increased my monthly collections by 25% and patient visits by 32%. If you would like to break free from one dimensional patient care join FMU.

Dr Bill Hemmer
Tuscola IL

Can you share a successful clinical outcome that you got from implementing what you learned in the FDM Training Program?

My greatest success to date would have to be my own.  Even with the training and lifestyle I promote amongst my family, friends, and patients there were issues of fatigue, aches and pains and a generalized loss of interest in things important to me.  All the information I had acquired throughout the years often lead to depression because I lacked a plan for implementing what I knew, or thought I knew.  You don't know what you don't know until you look to see there is more. This course revitalized my interest in providing the best service possible to my circle of influence.  Placing myself in the diagnostic funnel has allowed me to identify and focus on specific deficiencies I was unaware of.  I thought I had all the bases covered.  FMU opened the doors that are allowing me to put it all together and improve my own health in the process.  Thank you

Why would someone want to learn Functional Diagnostic Medicine?

Anyone interested in helping their patients achieve a disease free state need to become involved.  With patients recognizing pharmaceutical limitations there is an explosive desire for health oriented programs.  People are growing tired of a disease based health care system.  The more education we can provide our patients and colleagues, the greater awareness for a collective society based on concepts of true health

S. Jeff Jennewein DC, MA, MS
Lomita, California  90717

FMU has opened my eyes to a method of evaluating the whole patient and finding what is wrong without chasing symptoms. My confidence has greatly improved and has brought a level of excitement back to practice that has been missing for some time.

Blake Bennett, DC
Jacksonville, AR

Terri Evans

I have taken several other functional programs and none of them have come close to the FMU Program.  This program is what my practice needed to pull it all together.  It has taken my understanding in functional medicine to a whole new level.  This is the future of health care.

Can you share a successful clinical outcome that you got from implementing what you learned in the FDM Training Program?

I have had successes with functional medicine and terrain testing over the last 10 years, the FMU program has given me a much clearer path to the root cause and hitting the bulls eye with my treatment programs.  Thank you.

Why would someone want to learn Functional Diagnostic Medicine?

This is Health Care not disease care.

Terri Evans, DOM, AP
Naples, FL

I think this is what is missing in health care. It's what takes what we do out of the realm of crisis intervention and allows us to affect the actual health of our patients. I feel more confident when making recommendations to my patients and when reporting to their other doctors and health care practitioners. It's a lot of information, no question about that, but the presentation of the material in forums and hot seat clinical format really help assimilate and UNDERSTAND the process and flow of the diagnostic algorithm. I very highly recommend this course to any health care practitioner who wants to get a handle on how to effect patient function vs. symptom management.

Barry L. Hughes, D.C.
Brazoria Texas

FMU has offered an impressive range of information and testing tools that can be immediately implemented into my practice.

David Knop

I realized that something was missing in my practice. That there were underlying issues that contributed to my patients health conditions. Needing to know more lead me to FMU and a new world has opened up to me because of it. I am not too far into the course work but have learned so much thus far. Referrals to my office have already generated from my ability to analyze and help patients understand what is blocking their potential to heal. This is an exciting time to practice and I look forward to continued growth in diognostic skills, clinical outcomes and business potential.

Lisette Beam


The information and material that Functional Medicine University offers its students is amazing. I believe they under promise and over deliver. Being able to decipher the underlying cause of a patients chronic health challenges and have their life change before your eyes is priceless. I can tell you - PRICELESS. Jump on board with FMU and you will see changes in patients you and many others have been unable to help. It is extremely rewarding.

Karl R.O.S. Johnson, DC

Prior to beginning the FMU training modules alot of the teachings on an organ system were not a thorough step by step presentation of each organ system. However, the teachings of FMU have included the functional tests inclusive for that organ system, the clinical applications of each test and its association to the organ system and clincal approaches to treatments. Simply put, the step by step approach has stream lined my approach in helping my patients with their health problems.

Robert F. Cowan DC

The best part is that I may participate any time, day or night, at my own pace, to complete this extremely detailed and all encompassing program. Functional Diagnostic Medicine Program is more rewarding for me in practice than I could have imagined. Thank you for providing me such a personal and integrative education.

Nancy Doreo

The advanced material that I have learned at FMU has helped to develop a unique service to offer for my patients that few other clinicians are doing. I combine leading-edge functional medicine diagnostics with ancient Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, and nutritional therapy, which allows me to help patients who felt "hopeless" because no other practitioner was able to find a solution for their "mystery" illness. Thank goodness I found FMU!

Jamie Koonce

FMU is a through, organized system of learning about the body and FM. It equips students to truly know and understand what is happening in the bodies of their patients. This is not pure regurgitation, it is understanding. You can hear the passion that Ron has for FM, his patients and his students of FMU. I have changed my whole practice b/c of this knowledge and have helped very sick people begin to get well. The future is bright both clinically and financially!

Robert Wallace